Friday, May 16, 2014

Dear Jeep, Bring Back the Truck

Jeep without a Truck model is like my girlfriend forgetting her make-up. Will someone please explain to me how the best all-terrain vehicle in the universe does not manufacture a Truck. Whenever I see the concept photos I get as giddy as a pimply, prepubescent 13 year old boy taking a peek at Kate Upton in a two-piece. (To set the record straight, that still makes me excited).

The Mighty FC was the perfect combination of retro with
a touch of modern.
Jeep needs a truck in its repertoire. Do they think that customers won't pop for the cash? I work at a Jeep accessory company and once when a Wrangler truck conversion pulled into the lot, mobs gawked as if Lazarus had risen from the dead. I joined the crowd thinking this awesome set of wheels had to be a celebmobile. Jeep needs a look at a photo of this piece of charisma on wheels. 

Rumor has it that 2016's the year, but I'm not yet a believer. Jeep needs to wake up and give me a bad-ass truck with a cool retro look and all the bells and whistles like the Mighty FC and the J12 concept models from 2012.

Most car companies seem to balk at putting retro all-terrain vehicles into production for reasons like reputation, not too large a following, or a model too long off the road, but Jeep is different. Jeep is rooted in a deep tradition of timeless models and style that all Jeep owners know and recognize. My two cents worth says Jeep is and always will be the rebel of the car industry. Let it rip in 2016!

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