Friday, May 30, 2014

Jeep Goes Hollywood

We won't admit it but we are all influenced by celebrities. There's someone in Tinseltown that we relate to in some way. The Stars' gift is his image. Image is what also makes us chose a car. We need the vehicle to say something about us. 
Jeep's an outdoor vehicle with the chops to get us out of any jam the great outdoors throws around with style. This is why we buy Jeep. But say we see Justin Timberlake hop out of a souped-up Wrangler with a Mocha Soy Latte, designer jeans and hair plugs, does that change our perception of Jeep or does it register a few notches higher on our “cool scale”? More than likely this is not what most Jeep drivers connect with, but don’t let that bother you. Celebs are goofy and if anything it may make you realize that you actually have something in common with these arty eccentrics.

We know the celebs won't bother to make the trip to Jeep Jamboree USA and that’s okay, we really don't need their help to celebrate Jeep.  Anyone can live the Jeep lifestyle but when I see a Wrangler reworked like a botched face lift, I draw the line. Come on, don’t defeat the purpose of an off-road vehicle by going with shiny rims and thin tires. Ride high, put some BF Goodrichs on and surrender to the depth of all that is Jeep. Celebrities by nature think anything they do is cool and different, like they know something we don’t, but now I'm stating the case for some authentic Jeep conformity. Yeah, and I’m talking to you Sean Penn.

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