Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Jeep Getaways

Take a road trip
Nothing says farewell to summer quite like hitting the open road with your Jeep brand vehicle. Pack up your favorite snacks, a map and some camping gear (just in case). Let the road be your guide, whether it be for a few days or just the afternoon, and become amazed at where you end up! Remember, getting lost is sometimes the ultimate destination.
Visit Moab
Now is the time to finally make that trip out to Moab and conquer the trails with your Jeep brand vehicle. Known for its extensive network of trails and beautiful scenery, Moab will quickly turn into your new favorite vacation spot.
Go camping
Take some time to get back to nature. Find a campground nearby (or further down the road if you prefer), and explore some trails you’ve never tried out. Spend some time with no cellular reception. You’ll thank us for it later.
Get your buddies together for a four-wheel-drive adventure everyone can enjoy. Try out the different trails catering to every level of expertise, from beginner to expert. Don’t forget to take a second to check out the scenery around you. There are still a few Jamboree events open for the summer. Visit the Jeep Jamboree website to register today.
Go to the beach
There are only so many beach days left in the summer calendar, so take advantage of as many as you can. Watch the sunset with the roof off in your Jeep brand vehicle, and build a bonfire to keep the fun going after dark.
Already have your last-minute vacation planned with your Jeep brand vehicle? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Jeep Sales Rise Above the Competition

Jeep is back but not like the Kiss Comeback Tour. I’m talking numbers here. Jeep sales have soared 44% since last year powered by the new Cherokee and a revamped version of the 2013 Grand Cherokee model.

This resurgence comes only 6 years after Chrysler was on the brink of extinction, SUVs were kicked to the curb, gas prices soared and models like the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler suffered. This period turned out to be the wake up call for Jeep as new models were designed that now emphasized MPGs with manliness. What’s more impressive is that Jeep did not run scared, never fearing to make modifications on products that worked. In 2017 The Wrangler, for instance, is scheduled to be engineered with a lighter frame for even better fuel economy and this 4x4 monster sells as consistently as Michael Jordan hits his jumper.

These alterations have lead to innovated vehicle concepts such as the Renegade (2015)  and the anticipated Grand Wagoneer (2018). These additions place Jeep in the ring to wrestle with the big boys of American made cars like Ford and Chevy. Since 2013, even though Jeep sales have sky-rocketed past their American competitors, skeptics view their success as a fluke because other car companies can produce different styled models whereas Jeep is limited to 4x4 crossovers and SUVs. (This is why Jeep needs a truck).

Only time will determine how far Jeep innovation can continue to push sales but until that time comes the critics can shove their opinions up their tail-pipe!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Express Yourself

Souping up your Jeep is as natural as getting dressed in the morning, and if we don't do right we're going to notice people pointing our way.  Creating innovative product is tough work when you have to meet the high expectations of Jeepers because they crave self expression. Whether you get a lift or install Rockstars that fling mud so fast that Nolan Ryan would be jealous all depends on your mojo.

Cars or clothes, we want our Jeep buddies to know what we’re about. Jeep isn’t just another vehicle, it’s an extension of our being.

Customizing is the best part about owning a Jeep. Sure, others outfit their car by what? Adding a spoiler? Changing the rims? Hey, I'm not knocking these cosmetics because women do have to wear make-up, but sorry Giselle,  Jeep owners have a reputation to live up to!

Here is some merchandise that morphs your Jeep from sheep to beast.

- Rockstar Series Wheels
- Mopar Stage 3 Series 3” Lift Kit
- Satin Black Grill
- Wrangler HD Full Width Front Bumper
- Wrangler HD LED Lights Rear Bumper
- Front Bumper Cover
- Wrangler LED Daytime Running Lights

Rejoice Jeep owners, only we are lucky enough to make our Jeeps in our own image. Show your voice today!