Thursday, June 25, 2015

Off-Roading 101 – Essential Rules to Know

For those who have disdain for a smooth and cushiony ride and prefer to take their vehicle over rugged rocks, sandy dunes or thick mud, off-roading holds a special appeal. Beginners to off-roading need to know that switching to "4L" improved torque and traction by powering the wheels more slowly, and shifting to "4H" will give all four wheels power at a high speed. Make sure you have your own tow strap and someplace on the front and rear of your Jeep where you can hook it safely. And remember that lowering the air pressure in the tires of your 4x4 will help you improve the traction.


  1. This is exactly what new owners need to know. I'd love to see a Jeep-101 guidebook or video series b