Friday, July 25, 2014

Eclipse Sun Shade Review

Ditch the SPF 50.  The new Rugged Ridge has you covered.  I purchased the Eclipse Sun Shade a week ago ( and now I'm made in the shade.

Every Summer Jeep owners tear off their tops to explore the sun soaked back trails in search of new adventure. Living in the northeast, I'm itching to fly but that broiling summer sun bakes me like a final Algebra exam. One needs relief and this is where the Eclipse Sun Shade comes to the rescue.  Installation is a no brainer, (no modifications), and the result is like casting a spider web canopy over your head that leaves the sunlight but lessens it's harshness. The mesh extends from the rear crossbar of a JK over to the windshield and eliminates the need for a header channel. And, you don't have worry about storage space, the sun shade folds snugly into a small carrying bag.

The best part about this Bad Boy:  it's a great Jeep option and only sets you back 100 bucks.

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